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Product Update: Additions to the Digital Registration Card

August 10, 2020

With Covid-19 numbers still very high, hotel operations must adapt to protect guests and employees. At Akia, we have been helping hotels implement digital registration cards to cut down on close-contact interactions at the front desk. We’ve recently been updating the digital registration card feature so hotels can better execute contactless check-in procedures. Here are a few new capabilities with this feature:

  • Create adhoc agreement registration cards. Hotels can easily generate new agreements without needing to create a new guest in the system. This is especially helpful when there are parties with more than one person, and all guests must sign individual agreements before checking in.

  • Guests can upload a photo of their government-issued ID in the registration card. This removes another high-touch point in the check-in process. Hotels have access to the ID photos for 24 hours.

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