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How it Works

Totally in sync.

Cloudbeds’ will automatically sync upcoming reservations into Akia.

Akia then engages and welcomes guests on day of arrival over text-message, and guest questions and requests are automatically handled by Akia.

Cancellations and changes in Cloudbeds are automatically synced with Akia.

Getting started

Connect Cloudbeds to Akia.

  • Make sure that you are first logged in to both your Cloudbeds and Akia accounts.

    Otherwise, you’ll be asked to log in during the authentication process.

    When connecting with Akia for the first time, Cloudbeds will require you to authorize the Akia application. Click “Approve” to proceed with the installation.
How do I disconnect Akia from Cloudbeds?
You can disconnect the integration from inside Cloudbeds. Once you have uninstalled Akia, your reservations in Cloudbeds will not be automatically synced to our system anymore.

Have additional questions or need extra help?
For questions about guest messaging, Akia, or our Cloudbeds integration, please reach out to our team at
Cloudbeds’ connection currently only sends guest and reservation information to Akia. We don’t export anything back into Cloudbeds. Akia is a one-way integration.
Guests are just wow-ed at how fast they can get a response and they don’t have to worry about getting put on hold.


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Artificial intelligence is the difference.

Akia can create work orders for housekeeping or maintenance, ping the bellman, or even call the valet.

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Get Akia and Cloudbeds

Reach out to our team to integrate your Cloudbeds installation with Akia.

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