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Contactless communication with text-messaging and digital registration cards.

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Stay engaged with guests from afar.

See how hotels are using Akia to service guests while respecting distancing guidelines with text-messaging.
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I can now easily pull out my phone, tap a button, and broadcast a message to all in house guests.
Benjamin Gray, General Manager

Revenue Optimization

Grow your business.

Use Akia to automatically and intelligently upsell your guests to room upgrades, early check-ins, and others.
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We were unsure if we would even get any responses, and kept our expectations low. Not only did they respond to the texts, but we had a terrific response!
Heather Pleasants, Spa Director
We had a terrific response! We did a total of 18 massages that weekend, totaling over $2,000 in extra revenue.


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Drive direct bookings.

Increase the likelihood of guests booking directly on your website.
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We have been using Akia now for a few months and it has definitely made things at the front desk a lot easier.
Gwen Castro, Reservations Supervisor

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